Cerra.io Enters the Bull Market with AMM Swap Launch


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Profit-sharing DeFi protocols have garnered significant attention recently, prompting projects to reassess their business strategies and allocate a portion of earnings to their community.

Cerra.io has embraced this philosophy since its inception, structuring its architecture accordingly. Various DeFi instruments, including P2P lending, AMM, and Derivatives, contribute fees to a treasury smart contract, which is distributed among CERRA token holders. This translates into a platform that is owned by the community.

Cerra.io AMM Testnet goes LIVE!

This represents a significant achievement for the project, marking the introduction of its second product within the DeFi hub, designed to channel fees into the treasury smart contract. The product distinguishes itself through several innovative features:

Streamlined, all-in-one design – prioritizing user experience – the team has opted for a unified interface where users can seamlessly execute a range of actions, from basic swaps to liquidity deposits or pool creations.

Decentralized Oracles to be supplied with free price sources – Cerra AMM token prices are stored within the Inline Datum, conveniently accessible through Reference Inputs. This solution enables all Cardano dApps and Smart Contracts access the price oracles for free at any given time.

Plutus V2 – represents a substantial advancement over its predecessor, Plutus V1, in terms of smart contract language usage. This upgrade offers notable benefits to the Cardano Ecosystem, and compared to existing DEXes this solution outperforms previously used iterations. By reducing the block space requirement and chain load during application usage, this version enhances efficiency and performance significantly.

Cerra.io’s AMM leverages websockets for instant synchronization with the blockchain state. This enables users to receive instant notifications about blockchain state changes within milliseconds, providing a real-time experience unparalleled by other AMM solutions on Cardano.

What is next for Cerra.io?

With the launch of the Cerra AMM, their 2nd product, the team is now shifting their focus to implementing the Decentralized Profit-Sharing Treasury model, a pivotal feature of the platform as previously highlighted. This milestone will mark the completion of the initial cycle of product releases planned for the first half of 2024, unlocking the platform’s true potential. As the pre-sale stage draws to a close on March 29th, the remaining two weeks present a prime opportunity for early entry into the project.

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