How Bitunix is Attracting Traders with High-Liquidity Trading


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Many traders are on the hunt for an exchange that strikes the perfect balance between non-KYC compliance, high liquidity, and convenience. These traders often turn to Bitunix, a fast-growing exchange with a trading trade volume of $1.49 billion and around 600,000 active users from more than 100 countries! But why do these traders pick Bitunix?

Bitunix is among the top 30 crypto exchanges on coinmarketcap and offers a variety of services to users, including; buying and selling over 180 cryptocurrencies and tracking their Live prices and trends. Moreover, as an exchange, it also offers derivatives, allowing traders to go long and short with their trades.  

As Bitunix is committed to developing a convenient, secure, and intelligent financial tool, it achieved registration in the United States as a US Money Service Business (MSB). It is also registered in Canada with an MSB license and is currently in the process of receiving its’ SEC compliance license in the Philippines. 

Furthermore, Bitunix is also committed to registering in more countries and has expansion plans across other regions. 

About Bitunix

When it comes to crypto trading, one of the biggest challenges faced by users is that it is difficult to track quality investment projects. Additionally, it is also difficult to constantly follow efficient and stable trading strategies. 

This is precisely what Bitunix solves, as it is built as an autonomous crypto social platform that helps to bridge the gap between users and users, users and projects, moreover, with users and market information. 

By doing so, Bitunix can remove information barriers by becoming a transparent and open environment for crypto assets trading side-by-side with their management. 

In addition to this, Bitunix also attaches great importance to security and compliance in light of growing security incidents which not only take away users’ investment but also give crypto a bad name. Due to this, Bitunix adopts a bank-grade risk control and ensures its’ reserves in excess of 1:1 with user assets at all times. 

None of this can be achieved without a workforce who are experts in the industry. This is why Bitunix employs a team of practitioners from leading crypto exchanges, analysts from top traditional financial institutes, and senior specialists from different internet giants. 

By having a qualified human resource, Bitunix can ensure steady growth and quality product offerings. 

Furthermore, Bitunix is known for its exceptional liquidity. To begin, the liquidity is coming from a lot of different places, such as individual traders, institutional investors, and market makers. Because of this, a wide variety of trading pairs and derivatives are guaranteed to have plenty of liquidity. 

Second, Bitunix is proud of its tight spreads, allowing cost-effective trading by minimizing the gap between the bid and ask prices. Order matching and execution are made even easier by high trading volumes, which increase liquidity. Bitunix also keeps an eye on the market constantly, which makes trading more fair and helps users trust the platform’s liquidity.

Another great aspect is that Bitunix also provides round-the-clock, multilingual live chat support as part of their dedication to customer service. Their customer support team is highly skilled and knowledgeable, effectively understanding users’ concerns and issues. 

They offer professional solutions and efficient problem-solving, with the ability to calculate positions and clarify any confusion related to the leverage system. This level of expertise ensures that users receive top-notch assistance for all their trading needs.

Bitunix: Expansion to Different Parts of the World

With a growing market cap and user base, it’s no wonder that Bitunix is expanding towards different parts of the world, including Africa, Asia, and Latin America. In fact, given what it offers, Latin America is the best region where Bitunix is well suited because of its low fees, friendly KYC policies, and a growing demand for cryptocurrencies. 

As per Chainalysis, Latin America is the 7th largest crypto market in 2022 and is expected to grow in the coming years. The main driving force behind such a massive increase in crypto demand is that citizens have started using them to store value due to increasing inflation and accepting remittances. 

This trend is especially visible in Venezuelan and Argentinian citizens who face high levels of inflation and therefore are looking for easy-to-use exchanges with relaxed KYC policies. This allows them the ease to fund and withdraw from their account, thereby giving them the freedom to operate without restrictions.  

Bitunix presents the best solution because of its daily withdrawal limit of up to $500k without a Know Your Customer (KYC) check. Bitunix also protects their privacy and provides them with a safe platform where they can seek financial opportunities. 

While users can purchase crypto via fiat through the help of their Visa and Master debit cards or even bank transfers, however, this process requires KYC. Bitunix is working towards different features that may help to keep user privacy intact as it understands its importance, especially for users who live in countries where access to cryptocurrencies is banned. 

Bitunix Trading Platform and Features

As the main feature of Bitunix is its trading platform, it is designed to be user-friendly, reliable during high traffic times, and responsive. Users can trade on Bitunix’s mobile app or website. There is not much difference between the two platforms as both offer a live market tracking function, allowing users to monitor real-time crypto prices. 

To provide convenience to users, Bitunix has a technical analysis tool for each of the 180 listed cryptocurrencies that includes a K-line chart function, showing shifting price trends at different time intervals. Traders use this to determine the best time to trade a certain coin. 

Bitunix offers two kinds of contracts that users can trade. These include spot and futures trading, as follows: 

Spot Trading on Bitunix

Bitunix offers spot trading, which is also crypto-to-crypto trading. It offers over 160 different trading pairs that include BTC, ETH, and SOL, among several others. Bitunix’s spot trading consists of limit orders and market orders.

Users can begin spot trading with as little as $1 in USDT. As the platform is well-designed, users can easily buy or sell cryptos. The spot trading platform has a live chart and several other advanced indicators designed to ease user decision-making. 

Bitunix has become a popular choice among crypto traders, offering a wide range of trading pairs with low fees, abundant liquidity, and efficient order execution. 

Futures Trading on Bitunix

In order to start trading futures on Bitunix, users need first to transfer their trading funds from the spot wallet or need as little as $1 in USDT to get started. 

Once the user enters the futures tab, Bitunix’s trading portal will open, directing the user to the trading pair they want to choose. Over 180 USDT margin contract trading pairs on Bitunix offer up to 125x leverage. 

Bitunix also offers cross-margin mode and isolated margin mode, giving traders optimal capital efficiency. This is apart from offering limit, market & plan orders, taking profits, and stop loss orders. 

Bitunix Trading Fees

One of the biggest reasons for Bitunix’s success is its extremely affordable trading fee structure distributed in a tiered system. 

This is a system that is designed to decrease the trading fees as the volume increases. When traders have a higher trading volume, they pay lower trading fees. Bitunix also offers VIP rates for its exclusive members.

Furthermore, unlike several other crypto exchanges, Bitunix does not charge a spread on the purchase and sale of a coin. Instead, it takes a small commission like multiple other exchanges out in the market do. This is done to benefit users as they do not have to worry about paying a “double” commission fee. 

Bitunix Ensuring User & Exchange Security

With the growing number of cyber attacks, it has become vital for users to choose a secure exchange otherwise, they may lose all of their money. Bitunix knows this and, therefore, frequently makes tangible investments in its security structure. In addition, Bitunix also conducts regular security audits and penetration tests. 

This allows Bitunix to see the vulnerabilities that hackers could exploit and fix them before anything happens in real life. This is a reason why so far, Bitunix has yet to experience any hacks. 

Furthermore, Bitunix also prioritizes ethical trading. It not only complies with financial regulations like anti-money laundering and counter-terrorism funding laws but also secures user accounts through the help of two-factor authentication. The wallet balance is saved from potential thefts by preventing unauthorized access to the user account. 


In conclusion, since its inception in 2021, Bitunix has grown exponentially in the crypto sector due to its affordable prices, robust security, user-friendly interface, advanced trading solutions,  guaranteed customer support, and a wide range of cryptocurrencies. 

As it values user privacy, Bitunix is expanding its operations in Latin America, presenting the best solution for the region. Especially because users from multiple Latin American countries are seeking a safe and easy-to-use crypto exchange to receive remittances and secure their finances from rising inflation. 

Additionally, as Bitunix has a no-KYC policy against withdrawal limits of $500,000, this gives an ideal trading solution for Latin American users. Furthermore, as Bitunix aims to become the safest crypto exchange for users, it is also eyeing expansion in other parts of the world and is constantly looking to improve itself. 

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