Stratis Launches New Layer-1 Blockchain Based on Ethereum for DeFi & Gaming


Stratis, a blockchain infrastructure platform, has announced the successful launch of its new Layer-1 blockchain based on the Ethereum codebase. The new blockchain aims to provide a secure and scalable environment for Decentralized Finance (DeFi) and gaming applications.


Stratis launches new Layer-1 blockchain based on Ethereum codebase
Integration of zkSync Layer-2 scaling solution for high transaction throughput and low costs
Designed to support DeFi and gaming use cases with high security and scalability
Immediate staking available, with plans for liquid staking in the near future
$1M incentive program available for developers and users

One of the key features of the new Stratis blockchain is the integration of zkSync, a Layer-2 scaling solution. zkSync is designed to significantly increase transaction throughput and reduce transaction costs without compromising security. This is particularly important for gaming developers, as it ensures that gamers can experience nearly instant in-game transactions, resulting in a smoother and more enjoyable gaming experience.

The launch of the new mainnet also brings immediate benefits to Stratis users, who can now participate in staking. The platform plans to introduce liquid staking in the near future, which involves minting a new token that represents a claim on the underlying staked asset. Liquid staking has gained popularity among DeFi users as a way to maximize yield from a set amount of capital.

To further enhance the DeFi ecosystem, Stratis is working on establishing bridges that allow seamless exchange of crypto assets between the Stratis mainnet and other prominent blockchains. The team is also exploring potential lending and borrowing use cases and building integrations with major Decentralized Exchanges (DEXs) that serve the Ethereum ecosystem.

Chris Trew, Co-Founder and CEO of Stratis, expressed his enthusiasm for the launch, stating, “I’m pleased that all projects on Stratis will be transitioning over to the new chain, and we can’t wait to build out more DeFi options over the coming months.”

To support the launch of the new mainnet, the Stratis Foundation has allocated approximately $1 million for developer and user incentives. These incentives are available for dApp developers who leverage zkSync’s scaling capabilities to build DeFi and gaming applications. Users who engage in activities such as staking, liquidity provision, and bridging will also be eligible for the incentive program.

The launch of the new Stratis Layer-1 blockchain marks a significant milestone in the platform’s mission to develop highly usable blockchain infrastructure.

With the integration of zkSync and the focus on DeFi and gaming use cases, Stratis aims to provide a secure, scalable, and user-friendly environment for developers and users alike.

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